Over 25 years of experience in quartz glass, technical glass/crystals and ceramics.

One contact person in Germany for all matters:
Technical clarification, quotation, order processing, invoicing and payment (exclusively to German accounts in USD or Euro).

Exclusive purchase of branded raw material directly from the manufacturer with 100% guaranteed traceability back to the raw material used (tracking information on our QM stickers on each product)!
Important hint / tip to our customers in this context:
The world's leading material manufacturers (Momentive Performance Materials, Tosoh, Heraeus, QSIL etc.) pursue a largely global pricing policy for raw materials. It is therefore essential that you check the origin, originality and guaranteed traceability of the brand-named raw material in case of supposed "cheap offers" and save yourself considerable trouble in the event of complaints from your customers!

Written order confirmations - Usually within 48 hours.

After an appropriate credit check, payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. This means that you first check the delivery and only pay if you are 100% satisfied! This means that there is no risk for our customers (in contrast to the advance payment arrangements often used in the Far East). By the way, this applies to our deliveries originating from Korea as well as those from our long-standing and proven partners in Taiwan and China.

Just to notice: We also only have human people working for us who (even if extremely rarely) can make mistakes that lead to a complaint. In such a case, we act quickly and unbureaucratically: After checking, a replacement delivery or credit note is issued immediately (after consultation) - without "ifs and buts"!

Product-specific and safe packaging of the goods is always included in our price.

Confidentiality: We undertake to keep all customer-specific documents and information confidential. In our own drawing department we produce our own drawings according to customer-specific templates, so that neutrality is maintained even in the case of potential sub-contracting of specific processing steps of products.

Protection of Market competition: We guarantee our further processing customers that we do not compete in the end-user market. Even if the end user should be or become known to us, we will not contact them or make any offers.
Important note / advise to our customers in this context:
In the case of offers from our competitors, be sure to check the seriousness of the competition protection ! Many of our competitors are active on the end customer market themselves, but try to earn money in parallel with the intermediate products. Also check the ownership and potential integration into a group of companies. Do not strengthen your own competition by buying from potential competitors (directly or indirectly) ! Also avoid the danger of serving as a fixed cost cover in weak economic times and slipping to the bottom of the priority scale in booming cycles !

Warehousing: We offer our long-term customers demand-oriented, flexible access to our products by setting up a consignment warehouse or safety stocking in our own warehouse (call-off order).