SUNG RIM Europe GmbH: Sapphire windows

SUNG RIM Europe GmbH: Sapphire windows

We can offer you sapphire windows in any shape and size. Round, angular, concave or convex components are just as feasible as a wide variety of surface finishes. Holes, slots as well as edge variations such as facet or step cuts are also possible to apply.

Plates and discs are available in sizes from 1mm (micro optics) or smaller up to enormously large components of 400x400mm. Standard tolerances are +/-0.1mm on length, width and thickness but +/-0.005mm (by agreement) are achievable. Polished surfaces have a standard finish of 80/50 scratch-dig (according to MIL-O-13830-A) up to 10/5 (on request).

Fields of application:

  • Scanner
  • Watch glasses
  • Semiconductor applications (e.g. wafers)
  • Cell phones (displays and display protection)
  • Infrared-/ and UV-applications (e.g. sensors, monitoring systems, thermal cameras)
  • Medical devices (e.g. endoscope windows, scalpels and laser surgery, light guides in dermatology)
  • Military applications (e.g. night vision devices and cameras, satellite and space technology, control systems)

Due to their enormous scratch resistance, sapphire crystals are the material of choice for use in high-quality wristwatches. Here we can offer you any variant according to your drawing - both with and without AR coatings.

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