SUNG RIM Europe GmbH: Quartz / Quartz glass

SUNG RIM Europe GmbH: Quartz / Quartz glass
Quartz glass, also known as silica glass, combines unique properties. These make it an indispensable material for high-end applications in industry and science.

It's production requires a high degree of know-how and technical expertise, as the melting processes at temperatures of over 2000 C must be controlled and mastered to ensure high quality. For this purpose, natural quartz sand is typically chemically purified and then melted in an electrically heated furnace or by oxyhydrogen flame. This is referred to as "fused quartz".

If the application (for example, in laser applications, optical fiber technology or high-performance optics) has even higher requirements in terms of purity, streaks, homogeneity and transmission, quartz glass can also be produced synthetically. An example of this is the flame hydrolysis process, in which silicon is first oxidized from gaseous Si-containing starting materials (e.g. from a SiCl4 + H2 + O2 mixture) and the resulting "SiO2 dust" is then sintered to form synthetic quartz glass. The term "fused silica" has become established in this process.

Quartz glass is characterized by the following features, among others:

  • Extremely high purity (impurities in the ppm or ppb range for fused silica)
  • High transmission from the deep UV to the IR range
  • Very low thermal expansion and high thermal shock resistance
  • High temperature resistance (up to 1100 C permanently, or 1300 C short term)
  • High dielectric strength (~40 kV/mm)
  • Extreme chemical resistance (corrosion only with hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid)

We supply fused quartz and fused silica in all processing forms: From raw boule / block to semi-finished products and finished products according to customer specifications. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Based on our decades of experience in the quartz industry, we rely in particular on raw materials from globally qualified manufacturers for semiconductor applications such as Momentive Performance Materials (GE124, GE144 etc.), Tosoh (N, NP, OP1, OP3), QSIL/Philips, Feilihua and Pacific Quartz. We also purchase material from Heraeus, Raesch and others upon customer request.